Consent of the user

Once you visit our website, you are agreeing to our terms, conditions and policies by default. If you have any contention regarding our policies you may want to abstain yourself from visiting our websites. Your undeterred use of our services, even in the case of any changes in our company policies, will result in our understanding of your consent of the mentioned terms.

Personal Information

Visiting and interacting with our website does not require you to provide any kind of personal information to our company. But, once you provide your consent to sharing any personal information with us, in order to subscribe to the services of our company, all the personal information gathered will be used by the company. We, as a company, respect user's right to privacy and provide an option to the user of not sharing any personal identification information with us. However, this may result in suspension of some of the deliverables regarding our website experience and services. Even after the user provides personal information by consent, our usage of such personal information can be stopped by sending timely notice to the Company. However, in this case, the user may lose access to some of the deliverables from our website experience and services. The company gathers personal information of the user during the processes on the website, such as registration for membership, subscription to services, activities and other resources offered like filling the forms, etc. Such personal information is sought in the form of names, e-mail and mailing addresses and other contact details such as phone no of the user. If the user does not provide his/her personal identification information to the website, certain services would not be accessible/available to him/her. Once the user registers with our website, he/she is consenting with our policy that entitles us to collect, store, use and disclose the information provided.

Non-personal information

Technical and non-personal information such as operating systems of the computer, Internet service provider, technical configuration of the computer, browser name and information, etc. may be collected by us during the user's interaction sessions with our website. As we avail then services of Google Analytics to track customer usage pattern, certain information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the user, Internet domain and host names, browser software, date and time that the site is accessed, etc. may be recorded for the purpose of tracking trends, statistics and usage pattern, we may analyze the non-personal information provided by the user.


Cookies are an important tool for us as it enables our website to upgrade and improve usability and enhance user interaction and experience. On vising a website, short text file- 'cookie', is sent to the destination computer. It records and stores user information and tracks the internet traffic. Cookies might make use of personal information only when it is provided by the user beforehand to the website and does not contain personal identification information otherwise.

The users have the option of blocking or not allowing cookies, which is provided for by the web browser alerting you every time a cookie is being delivered to your computer system. This may however result in hindrances while navigating through and interacting with the website. As the cookie is solely for recording and tracking user activities, we and our affiliates do not economically exploit the data collected through it by not sharing, selling or exchanging the information with any data mining or marketing entity.

Applicability of gathered information

User's personal information is handled with utmost care so as to inhibit any unethical use of it. We incorporate only the prevalent guidelines and industry standards while using your personal information.

Improving customer services

All the information gathered helps us understand the various needs of our customers and help us improve upon our standards and efficiency.

Individual attention to user's experience

All the information gathered helps us understand the various needs of our customers and help us improve upon our standards and efficiency.

Maintaining quality of website

Inputs from the information recorded combined with user's feedback help us better the overall prospect.

Payment option processing

The product and services opted for by the customer requires them to provide information regarding them for the momentary transactions. We abide ourselves to use such information only for the fulfillment of any purchase done and do not share such data otherwise with anyone.

Maintaining regular customer relation

The e-mail address provided is used to deliver billing information and/or giving track information of their order status. It is further used for user-company interaction, answering queries and clearing doubts, etc.

Guarding your personal information

Standard procedures and regulations are incorporated while dealing with user's personal information. There are strong measures that help provide a guard against any unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal data such as passwords, user-names, and any monetary transaction data held with our website.

A secured SSL communication channel is the medium for any important, personal data sharing between the user and the website which is highly secured and encrypted with digital signatures.

All the user information held with us is only used till the user is interacting with the company and is connected with any of the services or product provided. A user is fully entitled to delete, modify or make changes to the data gathered at any point of the shared interaction. The company in turn holds the right to decide whether to let user utilize the services or hold it for the changes made regarding the personal information.

Personal information distribution policy

We have a limited window when it comes to sharing user's personal information with our affiliates, business partners, advertiser or anyone interested in it. No facet of the information that is personal in nature is made available to any one through direct sale, exchange, trade or on a rental basis. Information of the kind that is demographic and general in nature is shared with our trusted partners and agencies in order to better our service deliverables and for other purposes like surveys or newsletters. User's consent is acquired before any of the sharing done.