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Crafting a customer-focused supply chain requires the perfect blend of efficient logistics, advanced technology, and strategic warehousing. Smart technology developed by experts, seamlessly integrates with the intricacies of your supply chain, including warehousing needs.


Regular logistics fixes only help a little when your supply chain isn't working well together. Quickshift knows that a strong supply chain works smoothly from start to finish. We create all-around solutions that help your supply chain grow instead of just costing you money.


We delve deep into your unique Fulfillment needs, creating tailored answers that last. With Quickshift as your ultimate partner, we ensure complete visibility, adaptable capacity, instant optimization, ensure readiness for growth, sales expansion, and changing customer demands.

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Streamline omnichannel operations for your B2C and B2B orders as we take
accountability across all retail formats of
marketplaces and stores, SLAs and TAT

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Delivering functional and flexible logistics solutions across all brand types allBrand


From retail to quick commerce, Quickshift excels in effortlessly managing large inventories and deliveries across the map. Be it offline retailers or distributors, large format stores or institutional channels, we provide high throughput operations with box-in box-out and kitting solutions.

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Handling marketplace orders while keeping SLAs and metrics in check is tough. Add in the complexity of SPF claims, and it gets even trickier. But that’s where Quickshift shines – we lead the way in boosting your marketplace growth, making everything run incredibly smoothly.

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Embracing the direct-to-consumer path means overseeing everything in your customer’s journey – from personalized shipping to warehousing and support. Quickshift is your expert partner, ready to handle all the details, while ensuring your end shoppers stay informed at every step of their order’s journey.

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Send Inventory

Send inventory across our strategically located Fulfillment centers around the country


Receive Orders

Receive orders from any of your online and/or offline channels


Process Orders

We process orders with uttermost accuracy and guidelines prescribed by the brand.


Manage Shipping

We manage shipping Ecommerce shipments or freight  we deliver for all sizes.

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Yes we have 7 warehousing facilities across the country which are self-owned.
They span across Mumbai, 2 in Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, NCR and Pune.

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We offer customised solutions. Depending on your previous order trends we calculate the inventory that would be required and KAMs communicate that on a monthly basis.

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Our watsapp integration with order processing works seamlessly. The Quickshift MAX feature enables customers to track complete journey of their purchase made.

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Our dedicated team for your brand, headed by a KAM keep you notified for all metrics achieved and even those which are predicted to be breached through delays like natural calamities, etc.

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Quickshift's Inventory Management Program offers eCommerce businesses a robust solution to streamline inventory management:Inventory Tracking: Effortlessly monitor inventory across various warehouses and sales channels.Strategic Distribution: Allocate inventory intelligently to optimize speed and cost.Proactive Replenishment: Stay ahead of inventory needs with auto-replenishment reminders.

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Yes, all stock stored in the Quickshift warehouse is insured.

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Quickshift offers a range of shipping services including Same day/Next Day Shipping, standard & express, and International shipping

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For fulfillment and domestic shipping Quickshift provides postpaid service whereas for international shipping there is an prepaid wallet service.

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Yes, Quickshift offers Packing Material for your shipping needs. These packages are customized according to your needs.

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Quickshift efficiently manages Return to Origin (RTO) and Non-Delivery Report (NDR) through a structured process and coordination with courier partners.

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For your daily operational tasks, we have a dedicated Key Accounts Manager allocated to you.

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Quickshift resolves weight discrepancy issues through a transparent process and by coordinating with the relevant shipping partners.

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Yes, Quickshift offers flexibility in choosing a preferred courier partner.

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Yes, Quickshift manages first-mile pickups from your specified locations.

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Yes, All Quickshift warehouse facilities are seller-flex compliant, with all the necessary infrastructure in place.

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Yes, Quickshift handles COD orders efficiently, providing weekly, and early COD remittance options.

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Quickshift ensures proper handling of fragile or sensitive shipments by providing specialized packaging and handling instructions to the courier partners.

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Yes, Quickshift provides international shipping services to220 countries, with tailored solutions for different countries.

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Quickshift accommodates a wide range of package sizes and weights, with specific guidelines available upon request.

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You can easily track your shipments through our online portal or by using the provided tracking page on our website.

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In the unfortunate event of loss or damage during transit, Quickshift provides insurance coverage and assists in claim processes.

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