How It Works

We love to help companies broaden the scope
of logistics and distribution channels without any hindrance.

Manufacture/Source A Product Manufacture/Source A Product GIF

You Manufacture/Source a product

Everything starts with the development or identification of a path-breaking product. Your focus would primarily be to drive demand through marketing efforts and in turn drive sales through several online as well offline channels.
Fulfillment/Distribution Centre Fulfillment/Distribution Centre GIF

You ship your inventory to our fulfillment/distribution centre

We take care of your inward inventory that has been sourced from elsewhere or manufactured by yourself. QuickShift is well adept in finding the most effective shipment method for your inbound inventory as well as receiving containers of your inventory in our Fulfillment/Distribution Centres across our operational cities. Our aim is to minimize the time and effort taken by you to look for storage options and the labor required to handle your inbound inventory.
QuickShift's Dashboard QuickShift's Dashboard GIF

Integrate all your channels into QuickShift's dashboard

Our customized software helps you in integrating over 30+ online marketplaces. We have developed a system wherein you are able to track orders from several channels, movement of products as well as returns management across channels. The dashboard access that we provide would be completely free of charge once we have you on board!
Quality Check And Store It Quality Check And Store It GIF

We receive your product, perform quality check and store it

Once your inventory arrives at our Fulfillment/Distribution centre, we quickly unload it and perform quality check as per the guidelines provided by you. Once good inventory is segregated from damaged inventory, we then store it according to your preferred storage method.
Orders From Multiple Channels Flow Orders From Multiple Channels Flow GIF

Orders from multiple channels flow into your dashboard

As soon as an order flows from your marketplace or shopping cart into your QuickShift dashboard, our software firstly checks the availability of stock for that particular SKU. Thereafter it checks the validity of the shipping address and suggests the best shipping method. Finally, once these pre-requisites are met, the particular order would be processed for fulfillment.
Orders Are Packed As Per Your Requirements Orders Are Packed As Per Your Requirements GIF

Orders are packed as per your requirements

After the order is processed for fulfillment, it is packed with the specifications provided by you. If you opt for custom packaging for your products, we make sure that your packaging guidelines are met before the product/order is dispatched for delivery.
Fastest And Cheapest Shipping Method Fastest And Cheapest Shipping Method GIF

Our algorithm suggests the fastest and cheapest shipping method

Our shipping integrations with leading carriers such as Delhivery, DTDC, FedEx, DHL, etc helps us in quoting heavily discounted shipping rates to our clients. We also provide a list of shipping options to help you in choosing the best method to fulfill your customers’ orders.
E-Mail With Tracking Number E-Mail With Tracking Number GIF

An E-mail with tracking number is sent to your customer

Your dedicated dashboard not only helps you in monitoring the entire fulfillment process but also helps your customers in tracking the movement of the product. Once the customer’s order is packed and scanned, a tracking number would be assigned and mailed to your customer to help in monitoring the status of the order from dispatch to delivery.
Customer Receives Your Product And Is Happy Customer Receives Your Product And Is Happy GIF

Customer receives your product and is happy

Our aim is to provide a seamless fulfillment experience to you as well as your customers. All our efforts and processes aim to satisfy the delivery experience to your end user.
Dynamic Returns Portal For Exchanges And Returns Dynamic Returns Portal For Exchanges And Returns GIF

Dynamic returns portal for exchanges and returns

We understand that returns management for any product that you sell is an integral part in the fulfillment process. Our returns portal helps you in monitoring returns on the basis of size, colour, model, etc.