The Ideal Plan At An Ideal Price

We love to help companies broaden the scope of logistics and distribution
channels without any hindrance. Calculate your price estimates quickly with these 5 easy steps.

Step 1

ecommerce Fulfillment QuickShift
ecommerce Fulfillment QuickShift GIF

E-Commerce Fulfillment

retail Fulfillment QuickShift
retail Fulfillment QuickShift GIF


Amazon FBA Prep/Flipkart Assured
Amazon FBA Prep/Flipkart Assured GIF

Amazon FBA Prep/Flipkart Assured

Step 2

Determine your pick fees by selecting
the number of order you process a month.

Inwards Rates

No. of unit/month 0 to 500 units 501 to 2500 units 2501 to 5000 units 5000 units
0 to 0.500kgs 7 6 5 4
.501 to 0.999kgs 8 7 6 5
1 to 5kgs 9 8 7 6
6 to 10kgs 12 9 8 7
11 to 20kgs 15 13 11 10
21 to 30kgs 18 15 14 13

Outward/Reverse Rates

No. of unit/month 0 to 500 units 501 to 2500 units 2501 to 5000 units 5000 units
0 to 0.500kgs 7 6 5 4
.501 to 0.999kgs 8 7 6 5
1 to 5kgs 9 8 7 6
6 to 10kgs 12 9 8 7
11 to 20kgs 15 13 11 10
21 to 30kgs 18 15 14 13

Step 3

Estimate your storage requirements.

Our approach towards storage and inventory management allocates SKUs to storage
options according to size, quantity and turnover rate. This results is reduced costs for our clients.

small bin

Small Bin
Rs. 300.00

medium bin

Medium Bin
Rs. 400.00

large bin

Large Bin
Rs. 500.00


Rs. 1400.00

Step 4

Experience our value added services without any additional costs.

cheap shipping
cheap shipping GIF

Cheaper Shipping Options

Inventory GIF

Inventory/Order Management Software

Mutiple Integration
Mutiple Integration GIF

Multiple Integrations

Account Manager
Account Manager GIF

Dedicated Account Manager

Managing-Claims GIF

Managing Claims

Receiving Images
Receiving Images GIF

Receive Images

Validating Address
Validating Address GIF

Validating Address

Freight Option
Freight-Option GIF

Freight Handling Options

Step 5

Account for one-off costs.

Don’t pay for services that you will not use. Our fulfilment solutions are designed in such a way that we let you pay
for the services that you choose. However, if there are any additional services you need, our team will be there to address your needs.

Ad-Hoc Service
Ad-Hoc Service GIF

Ad-hoc services

Tasks like counting inventory, repackaging products, quality control, bagging products, or any other generic tasks that are not a part of your plan, can be taken care of with additional fee.

Container Uploading
Container Uploading GIF

Container Unloading

All we need is to be informed when the container would arrive, the rest we will take care. We provide all the effort required to unload the container and sort it as per your requirements for a minimal charge of Rs. 2,000 per container.

Minimum Fee
Minimum Fee GIF

Minimum account fee

We like to work with ambitious entrepreneurs who are determined to scale up. We have priced our minimum account fee as low as Rs. 7,000 per month. We charge this monthly fee because there is a cost included for the services that we provide to a particular account. However, in case you don’t reach the minimum amount with your pick and pack fee, we will bill the difference amount to you.

Packaging Material
Packaging Material GIF

Packaging Materials

Our additional services also include packaging materials like shipping boxes, bubble wrap, clear and white poly bags, etc. In case we do not have the right size of packaging material, we can order it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What qualifies as a "Ad-hoc service?"

Any service that is custom to your business requirement and not included in the services that we offer would be categorized as an Ad-hoc service. Please share your ad-hoc requirements with our representative to get an estimate.   

2 . Is storage insurance offered by you?

No. We do not offer storage insurance.

3 . What does minimum account billing mean?

QuickShift charges a monthly minimum account billing fee. If you don’t reach this minimum, we will add the difference to your monthly invoice. For example, your picking fees and storage amounts to Rs.?5,000 at the end of the month, and the minimum account handling fee is Rs. 7,000. As a result, you would have to pay the Rs. 2,000 difference.  

4 . Are you able to handle fragile products? Is it an additional cost?

We will accommodate your packaging requirements for fragile products. Charges for the same would be additional and can be discussed with your respective account manager. 

5 . Can I provide my own packaging?

Yes! The importance of enhancing the perception of your customers is paramount. We know the significance of building your brand, therefore we will utilize the packaging material provided by you.