Fleet Management

QuickShift prides itself in ensuring that all your fleet requirements are accommodated.
We consider several parameters to determine the ideal price for the deployment of our fleet services with you.

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1. Vehicle Type

Depending on the type of product that has to be delivered, we suggest the ideal vehicle. Our vast database of vendors across locations helps us in giving you the best possible price for your fleet requirements. Furthermore, we cater to additional functional requirements such as insulated/refrigerated vans for transportations of perishable items.

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2. Monthly kilometers

How much the vehicle would be driven would be an important factor to determine our quote. We understand it would be difficult to predict kilometer usage accurately, and thus we give a fixed rate for additional kilometers covered during the month. We maintain records daily of kilometers traveled and share the same on a daily/weekly basis.

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3. Working hours/days

Another important factor in determining our quote is the number of hours/days we would deploy the vehicle for you. As per your business requirements, our vehicle(s) would be deployed for the given number of hours/days during the day/month. This ensures round the clock availability of our vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Would I be charged extra for a milk run or multiple delivery points?

No. We do not charge extra for a milk run or multiple delivery points. 

2 . What is the notice period to remove a dedicated vehicle?

The notice period to remove our deployed with you is thirty (30) days.

3 . In the case of night loading, would it be possible to park your vehicle in our warehouse?

Yes, it is possible for our vehicle to be parked at your warehouse in the case of night loading. A request for the same has to be made a day in advance, and charges for the same would be extra.

4 . How is the invoicing cycle?

The invoicing cycle starts from the first of every month and would end on the last day of the month. Payment for the invoice cycle has to be settled during the first week of the next month.

5 . How would my monthly kilometres and overtime be calculated?

We calculate overtime on a daily basis and we take an aggregate kilometer usage for the month. 

6 . How do I get the details of the vehicle which would report on a day to day basis?

Our aim is to provide a no-hassle service. The driver and vehicle details would be shared with you by your account manager.

7 . Do you provide a Supervisor at the hub to coordinate on a daily basis?

Yes, a supervisor would be available every working day to coordinate with you with regards to your inbound and outbound inventory.

8 . What is the liability from QuickShift’s side in case of theft during a trip or damage to the customer’s goods?

QuickShift does not hold itself liable in the case of theft or damage of goods in transit. 

9 . Can additional manpower be provided along with a driver?

Yes! If your requirements include providing a helper, we can definitely arrange for additional manpower. We would charge extra for such a requirement. 

10 . What is the minimum tenure of a fleet contract?

The minimum tenure for a fleet contract with us is 1 (one) year.

11 . Do you offer insurance on customers’ goods?

No. We do not provide insurance on customers’ goods.